Jan Weiss Studio


About the artist...

Jan Weiss is a northern California based artist working in a variety of mediums from acrylic on wood panel and canvas to digital renderings and typography. Jan received her BA in Fine Arts from Cal State East Bay and shows in galleries in the Bay Area. She is represented by several fine art publishers and online third party sites such as ImageKind, Great Big Canvas, Red Bubble, Zazzle and Artfully Walls.

Her work ranges from abstract landscapes, to modern design, typography and a clear activist influence to some of her work appealing to feminists and outspoken progressives everywhere.

Jan believes in the democracy of art; that art belongs to everyone and creates works that fall into a variety of prices making it available to a range of budgets and buyers.

“My art is about reflecting the world around me or maybe reflecting the world that I want. I use colors that are bold and positive and feel balanced in a world that can easily feel out of balance. I rely on the color orange a lot...I’m not sure why but then I read this quote by Frank Sinatra where he said that orange was the happiest color. The man was clearly onto something. So orange - and recently teal and turquoise show up a lot...I think it feels like California - it feels right...and good...and positive and energetic. I’m also a warm weather person so don’t count on me for winter scenes...ever...spring and summer only in my world. And when I mean summer I mean the icons of summer like beaches, palm trees, ocean...you get it.”