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When paint and pastel collides

One night on my way home from work I had definite need to buy soft pastels because I needed to create with them...that night! So on the way home I stopped at Aaron Brothers - the nearest spot for art supplies and picked up a box of soft pastels. I have never had any instruction with them so I'm thinking I should probably go to You Tube and find a class or something...but that did not deter me and I preceded to paint - with very watered down acrylics - a series of abstract landscapes When they were dry I finished them off with pastels. I discovered this medium is REALLY messy - so my first attempts are a mess. But...I'm enjoying it and I know enough about art that you have to do something many times before you can really begin to understand it, or to get a handle on it...so that's what I am doing today. As I write this I have four abstract landscapes drying and when they are ready I will finish them off with pastels. 

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