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The process

I try to take photos of my paintings as I do them so I can view the process. The paintings - at least for me - always start out so weak and lifeless and then I worry that they aren't going to work. I worry that the vision I have for the pieces is not going to happen. But then I add layers and I let go of the worry and let go of some preconceived idea about how it should look. When I am willing to let go I can enjoy the process a bit more. 

For this painting - which is based loosely on the hills in Marin I drew out the rough layers of hills and then started with a deep orange base. The I began to fill in each section knowing that this would not be the final color - that these layers are simply building the personality and the foundation of the painting. I then tried narrow brush strokes for texture and just started filling in. I also try to balance the light and dark hues to give it depth. 

The final piece is 12x16 on wood panel. It will be framed and then offered for sale. No title yet. Any ideas? 

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