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Wrapping Up...

I am starting to wrap this years 100 Day Project.  I planned on being consistent and sticking to a theme or a style that carried through to the end but that was not to be. Today I am working on numbers 84 & 85 and things have veered off considerably. That's not necessarily a bad thing and it's a life lesson. We are told from a young age to plan for the future or to plan for a vacation or for buying a house or having children but no one tells us what to do when the plan changes. Like my art for example - the plan was one thing and it took a turn. Accepting that it's not a bad thing is the healthiest way for me to move forward - and it's a great opportunity to experience the unexpected. For me this means trying styles and subjects that I haven't done before. Some failed but most did not - kinda like life - we try, we fail...we try again...we learn...we move forward; if you don't move forward then what?