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Abstract Landscapes

My new obsession is small watercolor abstracts on paper. There’s something magical and spontaneous about painting these pieces and having such a quick response because they are small and dry quickly. The hard part is not over doing it which I tend to do. So I must maintain a level of self control and let it go when it is done. But when do I know it’s done? Thus I make mistakes and some I throw away and some make it. For the most recent one I added mixed media additions including graphite pencil and conte crayon which I find so soul satisfying. Anyone else feel that way about Conte crayon?

For each piece I use tape to create the border - most are either 6x8 or 4x7 and then I paint…a layer at a time and see what happens. I may add a few splatters or drips which add dimension and interest. I have also experimented a little with lavender and pink - but only as accent colors because it can take over a piece and I really don’t want that as I prefer blues and greens to be the focus. When the piece is dry I remove the tape and sign the painting and then I am done.

Most paintings are available for purchase so just contact me through my site if you are interested.

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