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Going To The Dogs

So life is going to the dogs! Well actually it’s fifteen dogs that will be installed throughout the town of Danville from May thru September. Fifteen local artists were chosen to design and paint a fiberglass dog for this public art project. I am one of the fifteen and I finished my dog the other day…she’s all painted and ready for display. This project is being organized through the Village Theatre and Art Gallery in Danville.

My thought process as I designed this was to paint something that makes me happiest and gives me inspiration and also feels like California - so I chose an abstracted somewhat deconstructed desert scene complete with tall graceful palm trees. The color blocks on the bottom part are desert tones and the top part of the dog is soft clouds floating by.

Once the dogs are installed in May please be sure to take a tour through town and appreciate all the dogs and the talents of each artist. In September there will be an auction and each dog will be auctioned off - heading to their forever home.

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