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I Compose My Own Earth...

I keep composing my own perception of the earth around me. I take walks in Briones or Hidden Lakes and I look at the layers of hills and I capture these views with my phone and then figure out how I can translate that same look onto my white wood boards that are waiting for me. 

I start with a simple outlines and then fill in the sections. Then - when each section is dry I paint them again..and then I paint them again so what happens is that each layer creates a life and texture and the layers on top don't take away from that life - they simply make it more interesting and if you think about it - aren't humans the same way? Our previous life experiences don't go away when we have new experiences - they are simply added layers to our lives. 

For my info about each of these works go right here

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Wrapping Up...

I am starting to wrap this years 100 Day Project.  I planned on being consistent and sticking to a theme or a style that carried through to the end but that was not to be. Today I am working on numbers 84 & 85 and things have veered off considerably. That's not necessarily a bad thing and it's a life lesson. We are told from a young age to plan for the future or to plan for a vacation or for buying a house or having children but no one tells us what to do when the plan changes. Like my art for example - the plan was one thing and it took a turn. Accepting that it's not a bad thing is the healthiest way for me to move forward - and it's a great opportunity to experience the unexpected. For me this means trying styles and subject that I haven't done before. Some failed but most did not - kinda like life - we try, we fail...we try again...we learn...we move forward; if you don't move forward then what? 

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100 more...

This year I decided to again join the 100 Day Project - which simply means 100 paintings in 100 days. This week I am at 54. Unlike last year I am not trying for 100 days straight - I have too many other distractions right now so my 100 days will stretch out a bit. And this year - unlike last year - I am being consistent in my subject and style with only a few exceptions. All will be abstract landscapes but some will be loose while others will be detailed and some will have lots of white space and others will have the paint filled into to every corner. All will be on 12x9 paper. 

Here are 47, 49, 50 & 51. 

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From Little to Big...

I like to paint small - the composition just works for me so last year I created a series of about 20 or 25 6"x6" paintings. There was one set of four that were all abstract mountain landscapes. They came out great and worked well in that size but I just had a client who liked them but needed them larger so I am recreating the paintings to be 20x20. I love a challenge and took it on. 

The challenge is how to take brushstrokes from a small painting and have it work - to have the composition work and make sense. Below are three views - one with my blank canvas and the mini that I am recreating, the next about halfway there and the third...the final piece. 

And - the clienet wanted two so I am onto the next one now - I will share that one next week. 

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