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I Compose My Own Earth...

I keep composing my own perception of the earth around me. I take walks in Briones or Hidden Lakes and I look at the layers of hills and I capture these views with my phone and then figure out how I can translate that same look onto my white wood boards that are waiting for me. 

I start with a simple outlines and then fill in the sections. Then - when each section is dry I paint them again..and then I paint them again so what happens is that each layer creates a life and texture and the layers on top don't take away from that life - they simply make it more interesting and if you think about it - aren't humans the same way? Our previous life experiences don't go away when we have new experiences - they are simply added layers to our lives. 

For my info about each of these works go right here

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Studio Days

I've had a lot of family obligations lately and it has taken me away from creating new works. So each day I walk by my space and whisper quietly "maybe today".... Then I looked at the space filled with its colorful products of the creative mind - like dried paint and a box of pastels and stacks of paintings that need to be scanned and matted and framed + packaging items left over from the holidays when each day I was shipping prints or a few originals.  Life will calm down and I will find the time - and I hope it is soon. My need to create is part of my need to breath - it gives me life. 

So here's to 2018 and to new art, new creations, to color and joy and getting messy...to anticipation. 

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From Little to Big...

I like to paint small - the composition just works for me so last year I created a series of about 20 or 25 6"x6" paintings. There was one set of four that were all abstract mountain landscapes. They came out great and worked well in that size but I just had a client who liked them but needed them larger so I am recreating the paintings to be 20x20. I love a challenge and took it on. 

The challenge is how to take brushstrokes from a small painting and have it work - to have the composition work and make sense. Below are three views - one with my blank canvas and the mini that I am recreating, the next about halfway there and the third...the final piece. 

And - the clienet wanted two so I am onto the next one now - I will share that one next week. 

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